Coca-Cola’s Christmas Truck Tour 2021 confirmed which means ‘holidays are coming’

Coca-Cola’s Christmas Truck Tour 2021 confirmed which means ‘holidays are coming’

Coca Cola’s Christmas truck tour, which marks the start of the festive season for many Brits, was cancelled last year due to the pandemic

Coca Cola has announced its Christmas truck tour of the UK will go ahead this year – signalling a start to the festive season.

The truck, which is painted in the drinks giant’s trademark red hue, usually visits around 40 locations from the end of November.

Though it usually makes dozens of stops, Coca Cola is remaining tight-lipped about the full tour schedule, the Daily Star reports.

On previous visits, hundreds of Brits can be seen travelling to their closest truck to grab a free bottle of coke and take some Christmassy snaps for social media.

For countless families, the return of the truck marks the start of festive period.

Even the announcement of the tour has set social media ablaze, with many users unable to contain their excitement over the upcoming event.

Others have quizzed the drinks giant on Twitter, and asked them to reveal more details.

Christmas lovers were bitterly disappointed last year when the truck had to stay parked up due to lockdown.

Though the brand is keeping many details secret, Coca-Cola GB have left clues and cryptic messages dotted around their social media accounts.

They appear to be hinting that the Yuletide lorry will grace British towns any day now.

In response to one woman tweeting: “Patiently waiting for the Christmas @CocaCola_GB truck tour to be announced…”

The drinks giant replied: “Keep your eyes on our socials…”

Replying to another post, Coca-Cola wrote: “We’re just recruiting the last of our reindeer…”

Another concerned fan asked: “So not even a clue if it is coming back?”

But Coca-Cola replied: “Holidays are coming…” with a Santa Claus emoji sure to send followers into a frenzy.

Other hints include the brand writing: “We’ve spoken to Santa and he seems pretty eager to us.”

Excited Coke fans are hoping the grand reveal will come this weekend.

Others say they will put up their Christmas tree on the day its announced.

Some Twitter users are hoping the big reveal will take place this weekend.

The tour locations are annually anticipated, with fans eager to find out where they can see the Christmas lorry.

Coca Cola update the list of touchdown towns and cities each year to “include more and more locations”.

“We hope we get to see you!”, they said.